Our service for humanity across the NomaBelt


Many people do not know about NOMA either the extent of its damage or the means of prevention.

As such, we are making a case for this disease so that people will know about it.


The risk factors of NOMA do not work in isolation. Rather, they are interconnected and work together. For this reason, we form a collaboration with organisations addressing these risk factors.


We organise programs to locations where the risk factors exist and where a case had been reported so that the disease can be picked up at early stages and intervened.

Humanitarian Activities

Most patients are seen in the acute phase of this disease where there is severe infection and the patient has 70-90% chance of death if treatment is not commenced immediately. This necessitates that we assist patients both in cash and kind.


There is a lot of knowledge gap related to NOMA which must be closed through research. We have ongoing researches and we are open to joint research work.